Bags of heat this winter

firewood1Quality seasoned firewood logs. We have at the moment bags of logs to stock your woodstore for this coming winter. 

You can either buy in bulk loads as 3m lengths which are delivered by forwarding trailer and off loaded at your destination. Price is dependant on load and distance from Abernyte,






or Bulk cubic metre bags delivered and off loaded at your location.




  Log Prices 2022

A warm welcome to everybody interested in our seasoned firewood.
Now is the time to order your winter firewood.

                    Bulk loads of lengths (Cut your own): Price on enquiry
                    Softwood (3 metre lengths)
                    Hardwood (3metre lengths) dependant on availability
                    Cubic metre vented bags:
                    Stovewood: £90.00 + 5% VAT (£95.00)
                    Hardwood: £125.00 + 5% VAT (£132.00)

                    All the above are delivered free within 10 miles of Abernyte.
                    The bags are cubic metre bags, so they are bigger than builder bags.

Logline: 01828 686536